Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Whole Lot of Nothing With a Whole Lot of Spirits

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon this Etsy site and bought this little gem.

Hoop Art

It had reminded me of this photo that I took while my husband and I drove from Las Vegas to Tucson to surprise his mother for his birthday. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it. 

Did you ever have one of these days? I had come home one day this Summer, to this text from my friend Birgit. So glad it wasn’t me.

The other day I went to the store. Not any store, the liquor store. My subconscious must have driven me there. This is not the first time that I’ve done this recently. One night after having been out for dinner, I dragged my Aunt with me, because I was determined to find that Cider Boys Ale, (total score in my book).

As I was admiring the bottles and the liquid colors that they stored, my mind started running. Do you know how many different flavored Rums they have now? Geez. I made my selections and I was gone. After experimenting with these spirits and feeling mighty fine along the way, I found that you can enjoy this variously; As a punch, with Seltzer Water, Sprite or Squirt; as a Martini, (you will feel like a sophisticated drinker); or in a tall glass with ice and a splash of Sprite or Squirt (can imagine yourself on an island swinging with a hammock?). The choices are yours.

Island Swing
Makes about 3 cups

½ C. Vodka
¼ C. Malibu Rum
¼ C. Malibu Cranberry-Cherry Liqueur*
¼ C. Peach Schnapps
1 C. Cranberry Juice
½ C. Orange Juice
Lime wedges & Orange Slices for garnish
A Splash of Sprite or Squirt (optional)

*If you cannot find this one, substitute with any Cherry flavored liqueur or Grey Goose Cherry Noir Vodka

Place all in a pitcher and mix.

Next time one of your friends has a bad day, give them something to sip.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Jumbled Notions

I know that I have been so bad with posting recipes lately, but I assure you that I haven't skipped a meal. Sadly I have to admit that I am totally addicted to these ChocoPods and I think that I may be Chuao’s favorite customer. EVER!

For some reason, I have watched ‘Do The Right Thing’ a million times lately. I’m wondering if it’s nostalgia kicking in because I’ve realized that this movie is almost 25 years old. And every scene where Radio Raheem walks by, I want say ‘can you play a different song at least’?

I did find a new drink to enjoy. Cider Boys, Mmmm.

And then I found this fruity moonshine.
Oh, here’s another reason why I forget to blog. I’m obsessed with these nuts. It tastes like I am eating Vanilla Bean ice cream with dried pomegranate and cashews. I should take this one to Culvers as a new dessert idea!

The other day I realized that the fridge was actually getting empty. I had no cereal, eggs, bread or even a fresh banana and only a little milk left. So it left me with looking in the freezer. I pulled out a frozen banana that I was saving for banana bread and a bag of frozen berries from the summer. I came up with a smoothy that was pretty darn yummy and with the Chia Seeds that I added, it kept my belly full for quite awhile. Chia seeds can be bought at your local nutrition store, such as GNC.

Frozen Berry Smoothy
1 C. frozen mixed berries
1 frozen Banana cut into chunks
1 C. Skim Milk
1 Tbl. Chia Seeds
½ tsp. Cinnamon
1 Tbl. Honey *
1 Tbl. Pure Maple Syrup*

*You can sweeten this however you’d like by alternating with just honey or just maple syrup.

Place all in the blender and liquefy until smooth.

Fulfilling Bliss